Rack Centre

Rack Centre is a state-of-the-art, Tier III Certified data centre offering vendor-neutral colocation services.

The data centre provides over 6,000 sqm (65,000sqft) of energy efficient and secure data centre space. The technology invested in provides clients guaranteed levels of uptime, power and service availability. Co-locating within Rack Centre allows companies to avoid fixed infrastructure investments and to leave the growing complexity of managing power and environmental issues to specialists.

For more information visit www.rack-centre.com

  • We have had a number of successes to share with a lot more in the making.

    I joined Rack Centre from a consulting firm. Going from being a consultant to being a fully internal resource was a big change in career outlook for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was sure I wanted to do something a little different from what I had done throughout the major part of my career. more

    Until then, I barely knew the Jagal Group.Eventually, when I joined the team, I was certain of something, the Jagal Group had gone for the best – as was the culture of the organisation; the very best hand in the industry – all carefully selected. I soon got to learn of and appreciate the strength of the Jagal Group as it became obvious to me that the senior execs we very committed to the success of the newest business line within the group.

    Working on the team has since been quite an experience of knowledge sharing and continuous learning – everyone certainly is an expert in his knowledge area. On my part, I am very confident to say we have set up our operating policies, processes and processes to international best practice standards and are on the sure path regional dominance.

  • My perception of the business exceeded my expectation

    My name is OlufemiOnabowale, a Systems Engineer by education and a telecoms/ICT engineer by profession. Passionate about the management of engineering & technology and dedicated to on-going professional development which is what led to my decision to join Rack Centre which provided the opportunity of being part of a unique team and contribute my quota towards achievement of business goals.

    Since my resumption in May 2013 as a NOC Lead,my perception of the business exceeded my expectation as a professional from outside, but now part of the system. This was deeply satisfying knowing I was privileged to be part of a company with unrivalled technology and highly skilled employees. more

    I was tasked by my Director of Ops who is a proponent for young, dynamic and forward thinkers over conventional bandwagon work methods but instead encourages innovation to differentiate ourselves from the competition. This was successfully completed through leadership, teamwork, perseverance and most importantly support from senior management.

    The leadership of Rack Centre is committed to personal and professional development of employees knowing that employees are their most important asset. They continuously strive to provide trainings and resources to improve on the job performance.

    My long term ambition as a pioneering staff is to continuously improve my skillset, lead the NOC team and strategically position the NOC unit to support the achievement of the company’s strategic goals.