We're really pleased to know that so many of you would like to work with us. As much as we'd like to interact with all of you, this just isn't possible, as there are far more of you then there are of us.

We're in a really fortunate position that we can attract candidates directly via our website and other channels that we manage internally. We also have a very strong internal promotion culture. This means we have very low requirements to use multiple Recruitment Agencies.

That said, sometimes we do use Recruitment Agencies, and these agencies are on our Preferred Supplier List. We use their services as they've built a strong understanding our business, our culture, the environment in Nigeria, and of the types of people we like to recruit.

If new, specialist recruitment needs arise that cannot be handled by our internal team or agencies on our Preferred Suppliers List, we will conduct an Request For Proposal exercise. If you want to be part of a Vendor List to be considered for future work, please provide the following information and send it to:

  • Overview of your firm
  • Industries, Geographies, Technical versus Professional
  • How many years in business?
  • How many employees?
  • Average time to close for positions in Africa
  • Overview of your process including specifics on needs assessment with the client, sourcing strategies, shortlisting methodology, and candidate due diligence
  • An example of a candidate presentation document.
  • The names and contact details of at least three current clients in Africa, and preferably Nigeria, that we can contact as references
  • The names and contact details of at least three former candidates that have been placed in the past 3 months (in Africa) that we can contact as references
  • Your fees and payment schedule
  • Post search support you offer to both the company and the candidate

Jagal does not charge candidates any fees whatsoever at any part of the recruitment process. Every now and then we engage recruitment agencies to help us identify potential candidates for specific positions. We cannot and do not work with agencies who charge candidates fees for their services.

We ask that you avoid making any direct approaches to our Managers or Recruitment Teams across our businesses.